Sound Bounce is a smart acoustic material for use in the automotive, aerospace, construction, and power generation industries. It provides a cost-effective way of absorbing harmful or unwanted noise, protecting people and structures.

Sound Bounce uses energy absorbing materials never before used in the acoustic space.

Sound Bounce comprises a naturally occurring active material enclosed in a cellular shaped skin. The active material is tunable to different frequencies, offering a customisable solution tailored to our customers’ components and products. Sound Bounce is particularly effective at attenuating low frequencies. It has been independently tested and verified.

The unique physics of the product enables:

- Significantly more effective noise attenuation, up to 100 times better than traditional materials

- Tuning to specific frequency ranges, thus optimising attenuation

- Unique high performance at low frequencies

- Thinner than traditional solutions, new space-saving design possibilities in all applications

- Cost competitive.



Sound Bounce enables our partners to have a market leading competitive advantage. We collaborate with our partners to integrate the Sound Bounce technology into their components and products, tackling their specific noise challenges.

Sound Bounce is a platform technology. A broad range of integrations are possible due to the adaptive nature of both the cellular skin and the active material – both can be configured relative to the frequency of noise, environmental temperature, flexibility requirements, and any regulatory constraints.

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Sound Bounce Insert

​Through our previous work and research with tinnitus, we examined a variety of hearing protection available on the market and found that the level of sound protection that is being offered is significantly low. Expensive earmuffs offer only a slightly higher level of sound protection. We are bringing Sound Bounce to the hearing protection market to make high-quality affordable hearing protection available for everyone. Low cost and highly effective hearing protection is something everyone should have access to.

Sound Bounce Headsets available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

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