Sound Bounce is an insert placed into the side cups of a standard pair of earmuffs. The material is filled with a type of smart material which is highly responsive and can recognize the increase and decrease in acoustic levels from different noise environments. Our patented material actively responds to the environment it is in by harnessing the sound energy incident upon it to become increasingly active, thus the more sound energy the material absorbs. The material recognizes when sounds become passive letting these desirable low sounds like having a conversation with others.

Sound Bounce Earmuff Insert

Sound Bounce comes insert into our earmuffs ready to use. The idea for Sound Bounce came while working with those who suffer from tinnitus, a hearing condition which causes continuous ringing or buzzing in the ear. We found that the majority of people with tinnitus had a background working in loud environments or were exposed to loud noises on a regular basis. This combined with substandard hearing protection over time led to the development of hearing problems.

Sound Bounce was originally designed as acoustic insulation for high-intensity noise environments such as aerospace, the military, and machinery. Through our work and research with tinnitus, we examined a variety of hearing protection available on the market and found that the level of sound protection that is being offered is significantly low. Expensive earmuffs themselves offering only a slightly higher level of sound protection. We strive to bring Sound Bounce to the hearing protection market to make high quality affordable hearing protection available for everyone. Low cost and highly effective hearing protection is something everyone should have access to. You don’t want to be saying ‘What?’ every few minutes! When you can take early preventative steps towards protecting your hearing for life!

Hearing Protection Headset

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